Camping Corse

Calvi and its region

Corsica is famous worldwide for its beauty and wilderness, as well as for the sheer diversity of its landscapes.  With over 80,000 hectares classified as nature reserves, Corsica is a place where local biodiversity and the ecosystem feature rich marine depths and earthly panoramas.

Come to Calvi, the pearl in the Balagne crown, one of the best-preserved regions of Corsica teeming with natural treasures and heritage.

From the top of the citadel walls symbolic of the town, you get breathtaking views of the Bay of Calvi and its 7-km beach, the marina and the surrounding mountains.

The lower part of the town is riddled with pedestrianised alleyways lined with many small shops and restaurants.

If you’re curious, adventurous or history buffs, if you want to chill and if you are in love with Corsica, you’ll absolutely love visiting the many amazing sites in and around Calvi, via multiple activities and excursions.

Our staff will be delighted to suggest itineraries for you to check out some of the most beautiful sites in our region and advise you as to the various activities you might try during your stay.