Calvi is situated in heart of La Balagne, one of most preserved regions in Corsica, with a wealth of natural and historic treasures. In the shadow of its Genoese fortress, Calvi is made up of typical and welcoming little streets. The beach and its various activities are never too far away. Leisure, jet skiing, fly fishing, diving off the coast from the fortress: you won’t be short of things to do to enjoy this turquoise sea, just waiting for you to discover it.

You can also explore other areas by taking the famous Wine Route to meet artisans and enthusiasts who carry on the tradition and expertise. An opportunity to discover these various villages latched onto their rocky peaks, or to relax by the mountain streams which snake through Bonifato forest.

Last but not least, you’ll see that in La Balagne, we enjoy eating and partying. If you’re one of those people who sees tomorrow as being far away, you’ll enjoy Calvi by night!

Le Domaine Orsini Tony Orsini

From Domaine Orsini, Calvi seems far away. Yet, from la Pinède, it will only take you a few minutes by car to get to the heart of one of the most charming vineyards in Haute- Corse. On these sixty acres of hillsides, windswept by the Libeccio, a relentless and coarse sea wind, six generations of wine-growers have worked together to carry on a tradition and the art of winemaking.
Tony Orsini, the owner, spent 50 years developing the terroir, creating a prime location for Corsican gastronomy. We recommend in particular the nougat and mignardises du maquis, grey rosé wines and of course, the sparkling Muscat which is what the domain and its owner are well-known for.

Chez Tao Tao-By

In 1924, Tao Kerefoff, a Russian officer who was passing through Corsica, fell in love with Calvi and its fortress, as well as one of its inhabitants. Ten years later, he opened Chez Tao, a cabaret whose reputation quickly moved beyond the island’s shores.

Today, his children are in charge of what is still an evening venue in Calvi. Come and stop by after 11pm to enjoy Tao-By’s performance, Tao Kerefoff’s second son. A welcoming and intimate concert filled with humour, nostalgia and joy. For the night owls amongst you, the party will go on into the night, with a night-club ambiance.

To sip a cocktail with the most beautiful view of Calvi, or to soak up this unique atmosphere, why not go up to the fortress, because as the cabaret’s motto goes, “make the most of today, because tomorrow it will be too late!”